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Shaping Environmental Programs
from concept to reality
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For two decades Spurgin & Associates has assisted government and industry in the development and management of environmental programs.

These include medical, hazardous, and pharmaceutical waste programs, confidential waste (PHI) management as well as renewable energy and emission reduction projects.

Services include full program development, covering compliance assistance, permitting, training and coordination with all participants.


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Medical Waste

"Bob Spurgin is one of the country's foremost waste experts."
-- Kathy Wagner Hill, Ph.D
Senior Director, Center for the
Study of American Government,
Johns Hopkins University

"Without question he is the most knowledgable person I know and have ever known when it comes to regulated medical waste"
-- Jewel Sikes,
President & CEO,
Premier Waste Services


"I highly recommend Bob for any companies needing assistance with shepherding a product or service through governmental regulatory process"
-- Carl Schroeder,


"Bob Spurgin is a terrific environmental analyst, consensus builder and entrepreneur."
-- Wiley Barbour,
Former Executive Director,
Environmental Resources Trust

"His advocacy skills are top notch. I would highly recommend him as an environmental consultant."
-- Maureen Miksztal,
Senior Regulatory Specialist,
Dow Chemical Company