KPFA Staff Endorsers' Statement

We, KPFA Staff members, are fed up with the escalating internal conflict at the station. We believe these overheated and public battles are destructive to our station and our communities.   We call on all KPFA staff, Local Station Board members and subscribers to stop wasting time, energy and money on these fights, so the station can instead focus on serving its listeners and addressing the critical issues of our time. We urge all KPFA listener-subscribers to reject the infighting by voting “no” on the recall of KPFA board member Tracy Rosenberg.  

Shahram Aghamir – Voices of the Middle East and North Africa  

Nick Alexander -  reporter, producer; member of API (Asian Pacific Islander) Specials radio collective.  

Khalil Bendib – Voices of the Middle East & North Africa  

Mary Berg – A Musical Offering  

Dennis Bernstein – Flashpoints  

Bonnie Bone – Early Morning Music  

Joseph Bolden – Poor News Network, Morning Mix  

Afrikahn Jahmal Dayvs – Ear Thyme  

Davey D. – Hard Knock Radio, Morning Mix  

Lisa Dettmer – Women’s Magazine  

Joseph Estrada – Full Circle  

Bonnie Faulkner – Guns & Butter  

Anthony Fest – Weekend News, Morning Mix  

Ann Garrison – Weekend News  

Lisa Gray-Garcia – Poor News Network, Morning Mix  

Mickey Huff – Project Censored, Morning Mix  

David Landau – Morning Mix  

Adrienne Lauby – Pushing Limits, Morning Mix  

Clay Leander – Unpaid Staff Program Council Representative, LaRaza Chronicles  

Adam David Miller – Poet  

Evangeline Mix – Volunteer Receptionist  

Miguel Gavilan Molina – La Onda Bajita & Flashpoints En Espanol  

Joy Moore, Fund drive, Full Circle, About Health  

Robbie Osman – Across the Great Divide  

Peter Phillips – Project Censored, Morning Mix  

Emmit Powell – The Gospel Experience  

Kate Raphael – Women’s Magazine  

Malihe Razazan – Voices of the Middle East & North Africa  

Andy Lee Roth – Project Censored/Morning Mix  

Art Sato – In Your Ear  

Nina Serrano – Book Waves: Open Book, La Raza Chronicles  

Andres Soto – Morning Mix  

Frank Sterling – Flashpoints, Full Circle  

JR Valrey – The Morning Mix, Hard Knock Radio, Transitions on Traditions, Block Report  

Carla West – Flashpoints  

Mari Villaluna – Poor News Network, Morning Mix  

Steve Zeltzer – Morning Mix

7 thoughts on “KPFA Staff Endorsers' Statement

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  2. Amen.
    Maggie Kaigler-former volunteer KPFA News Reporter 2005-2008
    Loyal Listener KPFA 1990-2012
    I tithe to KPFA.

  3. I have a hard time understanding what the REAL issues are in this conflict. The Staff Endorsers Statement only mentions that they are fed up with conflict. This is not a very good reason to take a stand for or against something. Maybe the infighting is a good thing if it were a good cause. Of course, I am having difficulty trying to find out what the cause is on both sides. Is this all about political leanings within the Foundation and the stations. Is the YES group further to the right wing than the NO group? Is that what it is about?

  4. Don’t keep cutting staff at KPFA. Its July 29, 2012. Well, I’ve been reading through the information on the recall, and I can’t decide whether to tear up the ballet (and then recycle it), or to vote yes or no. I don’t like the infighting, or wasted money, but I don’t feel that purging staff of popular programs was a good idea. I pretty much like what I hear on KPFA and the mix of shows produced by paid staff as well as volunteers. I don’t understand the conflicts. It appears that pacifica foundation is not producing much programing, and is taking money raised at the stations. Would the stations have more money if they didn’t have to pay to pacifica foundation? I don’t know.
    Another thing I have been reading in the arguments on both sides is whether the listener donations come in for one program or another. I may be wrong, but when I think about myself, when I donate, I am supporting pretty much all the programs, news music, cover to cover, and explorations, herbal highway and visionary activist and most everything else I listen to throughout the day. I think it would be hard to say definitively that one particular program brings in a specific amount of donations.
    Longtime listener, Gordan Lawrence

    • Each station pays Pacifica Foundation 19.5% of their listener support — 2.5% goes to support the Pacifica Radio Archives, the remaining 17% pays for shared expenses: Democracy Now! ($600+k/year), the auditor, insurance, the satellite connections, the accounting and admin staff necessary to maintain the licenses and the network, and various other expenses … you can see the whole list in the audit posted at on page 25 at the back. The Pacifica Affiliates programm pays for itself and its staff with fees from affiliate stations.

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