We Oppose the Recall of Tracy Rosenberg & We Urge You to Vote NO!

(To add your endorsement - enter your name in the comments below as well as how you’d like to be identified after your name — affiliations after names are for identification purposes only.  We’ll update this page regularly in alphabetical order.)

See KPFA Staff Endorsers’ Statement

More Statements Opposing the Recall

Video Forum: Is the Recall Necessary? Sponsored by the Marin Peace and Justice Coalition, Febr. 2, 2012

Shahram Aghamir – Co-Producer, Voices of the Middle East and North Africa.

Nick Alexander - longtime reporter, producer; member of API (Asian Pacific Islander) Specials radio collective.

Teresa J. Allen – Current KPFT Houston Local Station Board, Pacifica National Board member both current and from 2002-2005.

Joseph Anderson - KPFA Listener.

Austin Airwaves – Jim Ellinger, Austin, TX. 

Victoria Ashley - Councilor, Green Party of Alameda County.

Richard Becker - Western Region Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition – Act Now to Stop War & End Racism.

Khalil Bendib - political cartoonist and co-host of Voices of the Middle East and North Africa.

Mary Berg – Producer & Host, A Musical Offering, former Secretary of the PNB and KPFA LSB, and member of the Program Council, among many other things.

Rivian Berlin - former producer Women’s Magazine, Listener.

Dennis Bernstein – Executive Producer of Flashpoints.

Carolyn Birden - WBAI LSB and Pacifica National Board Member; former plaintiff in the “listeners’ lawsuit” to remove the old Pacifica Board in 1999-2001.

Max J. Blanchet – Former KPFA Local Advisory Board (LAB) and Local Station Board (LSB) Member.

Jeff Blankfort - co-founder of the original SaveKPFA in 1993 and of Take Back KPFA in 1995.

Gail Blasie - former KPFA LSB member.

Bonnie Bone – Early Morning Music Host, programmer, engineer.

Joseph BoldenPoor News Network, Morning Mix.

Daniel Borgstrom – KPFA Listener, blogger at Daniel’s Free Speech Zone.

Tanya Brannan - KPFA Listener.

Gray Brechin - University of California Geographer.

Jean E. Brechan - KPFA (and Pacifica) Listener

Eric Brooks – Environmental, social justice, consumer, and global justice movement activist since 1985; currently Sustainability Chair – San Francisco Green Party.

Carol Brouillet – Community Currency.org, and Co-Founder, International Media Project.

Virginia Browning – KPFA Listener.

Donna Carter - KPFA Listener.

Linda Champagne – KPFA Listener.

Richard Clifford – KPFA Listener.

Coalition for a democratic Pacifica

George Coates – Producer, Twit Wit Radio.

Mitchel Cohen – Chair, WBAI Local Station Board, Brooklyn Greens.

David Cook - Longtime KPFA Listener.

Michael Costello – North Bay for KPFA Folio in Exile 2000.

Vicente R. Cruz II – Oakland Green Party Outreach Committee.

Gavin Dahl – KPFA Listener/supporter, Board Member community radio advocate and activist engineering outfit Common Frequency, News Director of Pacifica Affiliate Station KYRS in Spokane.

Susan da Silva - Former Chair KPFA LSB.

Justine Daniel - Social Justice Center of Marin.

Todd Davies – KPFA listener.

Afrikahn Jamal Dayvs - Ear Thyme.

Lisa Dettmer – Women’s Magazine KPFA.

Barbara and Barry Deutsch – KPFA/Pacifica subscribers since 1963.

Ivar Diehl – KPFA Listener, Occupier, Business Owner.

Ariel Dougherty - KPFA Listener.

Neil Dunaetz - KPFA Listener.

Laurie Edwards – KPFA Listener, Educator.

Bob English – Pacfica/KPFA Listener from the ’60s, active in the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP), Peoples’ Radio, KPFA Election Committee. UFW San Francisco Support Committee, SEIU 790 elected chapter rep/negotiation team, Public Employees for a Democratic Union 2006.

Carolyn Epple - Retired Professor, Sonoma State University.

Joseph Estrada - Full Circle.

Shawn Ewald - Co-Founder A-Infos Radio Project; one of the early activists in the original Free Pacifica movement in the ’90s.

Bonnie Faulkner - Producer, Guns & Butter.

Jane Fehlberg – KPFA Listener.

Isis Feral – Longtime KPFA listener, environmentalist, labor and disability rights activist.

Denise Ferry – KPFA Listener since 1982.

Anthony FestProducer, KPFA Weekend News, KPFA Local Station Board Staff Representative.

Vickie M. Fouts – KFCF board member.

Peter Franck – Former President of the Pacifica Foundation (1980-1984).

Ann Garrison - Reporter KPFA Weekend News and Host, producer, WBAI Afrobeat Radio.

James P. Geraghty - Marin Peace and Justice Coalition.

Maria Gilardin - Producer, TUC Radio.

Pam Gill – KPFA Listener.

Steve Gilmartin - KPFA Listener.

Terry Goodman – KPFK Listener/former LSB Member.

Lisa Gray-GarciaPoor News Network, Morning Mix.

David Greene – First KPFA Elections Coordinator.

Noelle Hanrahan – Producer, Prison Radio.

Michael Hardesty – KPFA Listener

Roger D. Harris – Vice President, Task Force on the Americas.

Carol HarveyKPFA Listener.

John Harwayne – KPFA Member.

Rose Hauer – KPFA Listener.

Chandra HauptmanFormer KPFA LSB and Pacifica National Board listener-representative.

Dave Heller - KPFA Listener.

Dolores Helman - KPFA Listener.

Jack Heyman – Former Executive Board Member ILWU Local 10, longtime labor activist.

Linda Hewitt – KPFA/Pacifica Listener since 1968; active in Coalition for a democratic Pacifica (CdP) and Peoples’ Radio.

Kane Hoffman – KPFA Listener. 

Valerie Hood - KPFA Listener and phone room volunteer.

Mickey Huff – Associate Professor of History at Diablo Valley College, director of Project Censored, Co-Host with Dr. Peter Phillips of the Project Censored Show.

April Hurley – Listener, MD for the uninsured in Santa Rosa.

Mesha Irizarry - Executive Director, Idriss Stelley Foundation to Combat Police Violene, Co-Director, Education Not Incarceration, and Online Admin, Occupy Da’ Hood SF.

Jon Jackson – KPFA Listener.

Cynthia Johnson – KPFA Local Station Board member, Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian Universalists, Ecumenical Peace Institute.

Xan Joi – Bay Area Codepink.

Maggie Kaigler-Armstead - KPFA Volunteer/General Assignment Reporter-KPFA 2005-2008  KTOP-11, City Of Oakland Executive Producer, Interim GM/Supervisor, 1992-2005-(Retired)

Kahlil Karn - KPFA listener.

Jena Katz – KPFA Listener, left activist.

Kim Kaufman – KPFK Local Station Board Treasurer, member Pacifica National Finance Committee.

Carolyn Keddy – KPFA Listener.

Dorothy Kidd - Professor, Dept of Media Studies, University of San Francisco, and long-time community radio producer and advocate.

Alice Diane Kisch – KPFA Listener.

Robert Knight – Anchor, Five O’Clock Shadow investigative newsmagazine on WBAI; Correspondent, “The Knight Report” on Flashpoints.

Janet Kobren – KPFA LSB Listener Member, activist around the Occupy movement, Palestine, democratic media, election integrity, environment, housing justice, and other issues.

Monique Koller - KPFA Listener.

Marilyn Langlois - KPFA Listener, Richmond  Progressive Alliance Steering Committee, Haiti Action Committee.

David Landau – KPFA Weekend News.

Adrienne Lauby - Host/producer, Pushing Limits, KPFA unpaid staff.

Clay Leander – Unpaid Staff Program Council Representative.

Sandy LeonVest – Editor & Publisher of Solar Times; Radio Host-Producer for the Progressive Radio Network.

Kenya Lewis – Save KUSF volunteer.

Barbara Lubin – Executive Director, Middle East Children’s Alliance; Friends of Free Speech Radio (1999-2001).

Laura MacDougall – KPFA Listener from the South Bay.

Jeff Mackler - Director, Mobilization to Free Mumia abu Jamal; West Coast Coordinator, Lynne Stewart Defense Committee; Member, Administrative Council, UNAC (United National Antiwar Committee).

Neil Maclean – KPFA Listener.

Neal Madnick - KPFA Listener.

Abby Martin – Founder & Editor in Chief of Media Roots.

Signe Mattson – KPFA Listener since 1957, former outreach and frequent phone volunteer.

Cynthia McKinneyGreen Party Candidate for President (2008); 6-term member of the US House of Representatives.

Jim McWilliams – KPFA Listener.

Barbara Michel – KPFA Listener since 1972.

Adam David Miller - African-American poet, writer, publisher, and radio programmer and producer.

Jenny Miller – KPFA Listener.

Nicole Milner – KPFA Listener, Coalition for a democratic Pacifica.

Evangeline Mix – KPFA Volunteer receptionist for the past 4 months.

Stephanie K. Miyashiro - KPFA Listener.

Miguel Gavilan Molina - Producer/Host La Onda Bajita; Flashpoints Roving Producer & Producer of Flashpoints En Espanol.

Joy MooreFull Circle, About Health.

Aimee Murray - KPFA Listener.

Jonathan Nack – Veteran activist and journalist based in Oakland.

Attila NagyNorth Bay for KPFA, Santa Rosa Occupy, former KPFA Local Station Board member.

Marilyn Naparst - Long-time listener.

Michael Napp – KPFA Listner.

Henry Norr – Retired journalist, member of the KPFA LSB since 2006, activist around Palestine, torture, ending wars, labor solidarity, and other issues.

Oakland Greens – See statement.

Lucienne O’Keefe – Long-time Listener and supporter.

Robbie Osman - Host, Across the Great Divide.

Michael Parenti – Author & Lecturer.

Jean Pauline - KPFA activist listener since 1959.   Bound Together Bookstore
Collective member.

Peace and Freedom Party of Alameda County

Peace and Freedom Party of California

Ed Pearl - Founder/Operator of the Ash Grove in LA, organizer with the “Take Back KPFK” Campaign, served two terms on KPFK’s first elected board.

Gail Penso, RN – KPFA Listener, BFUU, Bach, Earth.

David Peterson - Writer, Chicago.

Richard Phelps – Chair, KPFA LSB 2005-2006.

Peter Phillips - Professor of Sociology at Sonoma State University, former Director of Project Censored, Co-Producer of Project Censored heard Friday mornings on The Morning Mix.

Karen Pickett Forest and media activist and long time Earth First! organizer.

Thomas Plagemann – Save KUSF, Plagemann Design & Building.

Paul Platt – SF Green Party County Council, long-time KPFA listener/supporter.

Stevyn Polk – KUSF in Exile Program Director.

Emmit Powell - Producer & Host The Gospel Experience.

Andrea PrichettLSB Current Listener Representative, teacher and co-founder of Berkeley Copwatch.

Mary Prophet - Listener, Steering Committee USLAW, member Alameda Co. Central Labor Council,  & co-chair  California Teachers Assoc, Peace & Justice Caucus.

Fran Rachel - KPFA Listener.

Les Radke – Co-Host Bill Mandel’s Soviet Union Program, Vice President Richmond Federation of Teachers for several years, Member of the Contra Costa Labor Council for several years, Co-Founder of Coalition for a democratic Pacifica, Education Chair of KPFA’s former Education Collective, Member of Californians for Electoral Reform for 10 years, KPFA Local Election Supervisor for 2003, Pacifica National Election Supervisor for 2006 & 2009.

Kate RaphaelWomen’s Magazine.

Mary Ratcliff – Listener and San Francisco Bayview Editor.

Willie Ratcliff – Publisher, San Francisco Bayview, Former member for six years of the KPFA Local Advisory Board and Local Station Board.

Malihe Razazan – Co-host & Producer, Voices of the Middle East & North Africa, and Producer of Your Call on KALW.

Aaron Reaven – KPFA Listener.

Sally Richardson - KPFA Listener, artist.

Mara Rivera – KPFA Listener-supporter since 1962.

Lillith Rogers – KPFA Listener.

Colleeen Rose - Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas.

Jamie RossChair of the Pacifica board’s national finance committee before Tracy.

San Francisco Green Party

Jan Santos – KPFA listener, former Pushing Limits collective member.

Marc Sapir, MD, MPH, public sector primary care doc and “Mad as Hell Doctors for Medicare for All” activist.

Oriana Saportas – Community Organizer with ACCE in Oakland, former KPFA Local Election Supervisor (2010).

Michael-David Sasson – Union Steward, CUE-IBT Local 2010 (former president of the Berkeley chapter).

Art Sato – Host, In Your Ear.

Doyle Saylor – KPFA Listener, former host & producer, Pushing Limits.

David Schonbrunn - Transportation Solutions Defense and Education Fund  (TRANSDEF).

Wendy Schroell — Pacifica National Board Member 2004-2005, 2007-2009; KPFT Local Station Board 2004-2009.

Sharon M. Scott – President, WRVU Friends & Family.

Shelly Scribner - KPFA Listener.

Nina SerranoBookwaves:  Open Book; La Raza Chronicles.

John Sheridan – KPFA Listener.

Ruthanne Shpiner – Unpaid staff KPFA Weekend News Reporter.

Keith Harmon SnowKPFA Listener.

Sally Sommer – Active with KPFA/Pacifica since 1999 with the Coalition for a democratic Pacifica.  Served on the KPFA elections committees over the years since then.

Andres SotoHost/Producer The Morning Mix.

Carol Spooner - Former PNB member (Jan 2002-Jan 2005), former KPFA LSB member (Apr 2000-Apr 2005), former lead plaintiff in the “listeners’ lawsuit to remove the old Pacifica Board (1999-2001).

Alex Steinberg – Pacifica National Board Member and LSB Member from WBAI.  (See statement on additional statements page.)

Frank SterlingFlashpoints; Full Circle.

Rick Sterling – KPFA Listener.

Roger Stoll – Secretary, Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas.

Leslie StovallThe Morning Mix

Irwin Swirnoff – Spokesperson, Save KUSF

B. Emily Sykes – KPFA Listener, Marin Peace and Justice Coalition.

Akio Tanaka – KPFA Local Station Board member.

Kate Tanaka – KPFA Local Station Board member.

Steve Taylor-Ramirez – KPFA Listener.

Richard Uzzell – Former KPFT LSB and Pacifica National Board listener-representative.

JR Valrey – Host/Producer the Morning Mix & Block Report Radio.

Marsha Vas Dupre, Ph.D. - City Councilwoman Santa Rosa, CA.

Mari VillalunaPoor News Network, Morning Mix.

Tom Vorhees – KPFA Listener, early-on engineering volunteer.

Lindsay Vurek – KPFA Listener.

Joe Wanzala – Former KPFA LSB and Pacifica National Board member.

Elaine Wellin – Sonoma State Univ./Media Freedom Foundation.

Laura Wells - Green Party candidate for the 2010 California Governor’s race.

Dave Welsh - Labor organizer, journalist, musician, letter carrier, S.F. Labor Council delegate. Member of Occupy Oakland, Freedom Song Network, Haiti Action Committee.

Carla WestFlashpoints.

Sue Wilson – Producer, Broadcast Blues.

Candace Wolf – Pacifica listener, storyteller, Washington, DC.

Betsy Wolf-Graves – KPFA Listener.

Gregory Wonderwheel – KPFA Listener.

Stan Woods - former KPFA LSB member, Member Occupy Oakland/Labor Solidarity Committee.

Vivian Zelaya - Longtime KPFA listener and supporter.

Steve ZeltzerLabor journalist.

(To add your endorsement - enter your name in the comments below as well as how you’d like to be identified after your name — affiliations for identification purposes only.  We’ll update this page regularly in alphabetical order.)

78 thoughts on “Endorsers

  1. Tracy is a level-headed, keen, engaged, warm, insightful, dedicated, friend and colleague who has dedicated her life to alternative voices and democracy in media. Any team would be lucky to have her as a player and we are all lucky to have her as an ally.

  2. Anchor, “Five O’Clock Shadow” investigative newsmagazine;
    Correspondent, “The Knight Report” on “Flashpoints”.

    I am sadly cursed with the institutional memory that it was the Pacifica model that was progenitor to the formation of National Public Radio — and that its earliest talent came from our own stations.

    And yet, somehow, we now find those in Pacifica who would imitate their corporate-funded, message-constrained NPR descendants with wire-service wisdom and mission abandonment.

    Tracy Rosenberg is one of the ethical embers seeking to reignite the Pacifica fire.

    Let’s call the recall off!

  3. Environmental, social justice, consumer, and global justice movement activist since 1985; currently Sustainability Chair – San Francisco Green Party.

  4. I oppose a recall of Tracy Rosenberg who is a tremendous, committed person with incredible media experience. I cannot imagine Tracy being anything but excellent at her job. I’ve known Tracy for 12 years, so I have long-term knowledge of Tracy. – Carol Harvey in San Francisco

  5. I’ve been attening LSB meetings for six years, where I’ve come to know Tracy Rosenberg as a very effective board member and a whistleblower. Tracy has exposed a lot of wrong-doing, and that’s what some people don’t like.

  6. Please add my name as an endorser. I was chair of the Pacifica board’s national finance committee before Tracy.


  7. Please add my name as an endorser. ID – Western Region Coordinator, ANSWER Coalition – Act Now to Stop War & End Racism

  8. As a longtime KPFA supporter, well intentioned though they may be, I have found the behavior and actions of the “Save KPFA” faction to be largely petty, immature and destructive. Their claimed mission toward “professionalism” masks a mission of political correctness and homogeneity. And reading White House press releases.

    The loss of funds the station has suffered in the past year was largely their handiwork. After their precious Morning Show was pulled they continuously whined on and off air, not-subtly suggesting to the deeper pocketed “NPR leaning” KPFA listeners to withhold their financial support. It seems they would rather watch the station disintegrate than lose a petty squabble.

    Preserve the diversity and lack of professionalism that has long made KPFA the greatest radio station on the planet, bar none.

    Support Tracey and vote NO ON THE RECALL.

  9. Please add me to the endorsers list. Tracy is an asset to KPFA.

  10. Right On Rosenberg! I pledged/tithed 150.00 to KPFA in support of TRACY “where do you find this kind of selfless giving?” Rosenberg. Rosenberg. A warrior woman, she fights the good fight for the poor and the voiceless, an uphill battle. I well know the ground on which she stands and the mean tricks and petty traps her opposition is capable of setting. “SaveKPFA”. Please.

    ‘Just say NO’ in spirit and in truth, to this persistent and ongoing continuously litiguous, grinding effort to maintain control of KPFA. THESE INSIDERS . They have kepg jobs for 30 years+ done at any costs. To this faction their means justifiy the end including but not limited to; a mean spirited insult of a ‘recall’, designed to give the ‘Concerned Listener/SaveKPFA/KPFA workers’ cadre a majority and therefore control on the KPFA board, allowing without response, a police incident on site against a 12 year, vested KPFA female, minority producer, held down, kneed inthe chest and hogtied on a racist, trumped up tresspassing charge-she used a xerox machine. They may have set this snare but they fall into it. They fall into it.

    Clever Clers’ morph into whatever form they deem necessary to manipulate, spin disinformation campaigns and deceive KPFA listeners for the purpose of power over this venerable charitable institution; to further their otherwise failed/stalled careers, support their lax egos and gain traction for outside money making personal power efforts as perpetrated by self important, self serving, elitists masquerading as liberals, who care nothing for the KPFA mission statement .

    Opportunistic careerism.

    Over ambititous, selfish, small minded, personality radio. CLers indeed-I ‘m just sayin’.

    Maggie Kaigler-Armstead
    KPFA Volunteer/General Assignment Reporter-KPFA 2005-2008
    KTOP-11, City Of Oakland Executive Producer, Interim GM/Supervisor, 1992-2005-(Retired)

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